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Milk Magazine Interview

An interview with Miss Julie can be found in this issue - the 715th of Milk Magazine. 



Julie Sun, our talented designer, talks about how she started her career as jewelry designer and also about creating the perfect jewelry to make any woman’s day more beautiful. 


Julie’s first touch with the fashion world was right after finishing studies in Toronto where she opened 3 lifestyle boutiques. This is when she started creating some jewelry items and selling them in her shops. After returning to Hong Kong and working for 4 years for a jewelry design company, Julie eventually started her own brand of jewelry “Miss Julie”.


Aiming to create pieces of jewelry that are fun, gorgeous and adding real value to one’s personal style, Julie designs with her customer’s needs in mind. Flexibility and great attention to detail are the keywords she focuses on while designing her jewelry collection. Although the brand started with more foreign clients than local ones, in time and with Julie’s efforts to suit every market, now they are catering for both Asia clients and overseas market.